Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Five Returns

Oh Thursday how I've missed you while you were gone!!! My cup of Joe has cooled, the sun is at a peak, the breeze outside is perfect, and the amazing colorful leaves are floating ever so gently off the trees.... So here on this lovely Autumn day, although it seems my followers left me while I was gone, here is everything and anything that means everything or nothing to me this Thursday... Its my Thursday Five...
Five... Dear Costco, our relationship is getting a little out of hand! First it started with the meat. How can you not love Costco meat Huge portions for a great price... then the sickness spread... The fresh fruit... the canned vegetables... the juice... the wine selection.. Toys for Aries Birthday... Gifts for Christmas... Throw pillows for the couch... Throw blankets for the living room... New dishes for the kitchen.. And the most recent addiction that Costco has brought into my life... THE CLOTHES... Aries Clothes.. Jacques Clothes.. MY CLOTHES! Seriously I would like to NOT thank my cousin For getting me a membership at Costco...
I can see it now filing my bankruptcy forms.. Reason for filing... COSTCO! : ) I think everyone has that one store that they are addicted to.. Whats yours?

Four... "Here at Shane Company We deal Quality Diamonds"..... Any one who has ever heard that radio commercial can't tell me his voice does not make you giggle a little. Jacques and I constantly made fun of that commercial! Well Let me tell you we learned the ultimate lesson in making fun of things when we walked into Shane Company as a joke and then Walked out with the most beautiful CUSTOM engagement ring for half the price we could have gotten it at any other jewelery store in Minnesota! Although I was proven wrong about Shane Company just being a cheesy commercial I still can't help but laugh a little when I hear them!

Three... Can we say Falling Into Autumn? I am so in love with this weather. The cool Breeze & the enchanting colors. This time of year seriously gets my endorphins going. Its like there is something in the Air. Maybe its the Idea that the holidays are right around the corner? Let me tell you I am a SUCKER FOR THE HOLIDAYS! I love decorating, spending extra time with family, Blasting loud Christmas Carols.. All cultures and religions seem to have something to celebrate over the next few months and just the idea of people coming together makes me smile... I know I am getting a little ahead of myself we still got a little more time to go, but I just cant help but get excited! I feel the warmth of love in the air!

Two... I LOVE my new Living Room set and BIG screen TV. It was a MUCH needed Upgrade! Working Hard for what you want Seriously Pays off!!! Speaking of hard work my mom is proof that hard work pays off, because of her I know anything you put your mind to you can do.. INCLUDING BEATING SICKNESS! LOVE YOU MOM

ONE... 9 More days. I can Hardly believe there are just 9 more days until My precious baby boy Turns One. Just writing this I think I could Cry!!! Time fly's, It really Does. I will have a whole different Post, Potentially this weekend, About this year with my son but just briefly I will say Never have I known love until I met Aries Derrae Garcia-Blake!

I as always hope that you all have an amazing Thursday!
Love Always, Mommy Of a Jamexican

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Wedding Wednesday

So much has happen with our wedding since last month. I am literally jumping with joy to share the details...or maybe that’s just the extremely strong coffee I am drinking, YIKES, Happy National Coffee day to me... Anyway, First of all we changed the date again... We are no longer getting married next summer... wait for it.... We are getting married this March!!! That’s right we went from 264 days down to 164 days. Of course you can imagine my slight panic as I realized I had to seriously step up my planning game!! It's a little nerve wreaking at times but so exciting. I feel like I have so much more to do we are so behind on EVERYTHING. It of course is such a blessing to have Jacques as my FiancĂ© because when I get worried that some things have not been done yet that should have, like our engagement photos, the deposit on the photographer, my dress, the bridesmaids dresses, just to name a few... He reminds me that everything will come together as it should, and so what if we did not get the engagement photos done right away at least they will be amazing when we do... LOVE HIM!

So here is what we have got so far!

The Venue...
We searched and searched for the right place and everywhere we walked into just did not feel right. The second we pulled into the parking lot of this Golf Club we just looked at each other and smiled and then starting laughing because we knew we were at the right place!

The Photographer....
Seriously I have yet to meet her which probably sounds crazy but honestly I don't need to it was kind of the same feeling as when we saw the Venue. Her personality is amazing and her style is us! Not to mention her work is JUST beautiful... I am so Excited!
The Florist...

You know what I love Helpful Accomadating people and that is exactly what my photographer and Florist are. I love my florist because she lets me send her a million pictures and she sends a million back we bounce ideas off each other and she understands that I am traditional in an outside the box kind of way. Not to mention her prices are amazing!

The Save the Date's
As with everything we are doing for the wedding we wanted the save the dates to be unique. Thus the baby photos instead of engagement, but no worries we have something else fun planned for the engagement photos.

I still have a ton of stuff to do but like Jacques said it will all come together as it should!

See ya'll tomorrow for the return of my Thursday Five,

Mommy Of a Jamexican

Monday, September 27, 2010

I missed you while you were gone

Well Hello Blog… I missed you while you were gone…. Or perhaps you missed me since I seemed to be the one missing in action. I just looked and realized I have not written a single blog the entire month of September… Can we sing EPIC FAIL!

What a crazy time in my life this is turning out to be. My 16 online credits are keeping me insanely busy, the wedding planning is full blown in action, not to mention My little baby is going to be a year in just a week and a half can we say party planning galore, oh and then there is my full time management job that is just crazy right now…. Perhaps I took a little too much on at once, but lucky for me I am a MexiCAN not a MexiCANT!! : )

I can hardly believe September is coming to an end.

As my eyes migrate away from the screen and out my office window I can’t help but do a double take as I see colorful leaves floating off of branches and making their way to ground. The window is cracked and I can feel an ever calming cool breeze dancing in the air. I love this time of year maybe its just me but even the air seems to smell better, like warm sugar cookies and pine cones.

In the craziness that seems to be my life right now I can’t help but take a step back and feel so blessed. Sometimes life is hard but that’s okay when life is hard that is what makes you grow because you force yourself to push forward and work harder.
See you Wednesday,