Friday, July 30, 2010

Freaking Friday-HECK YES!

I am sooo excited for it to be friday. Normally Fridays are not a big deal for me because I work weekends but man oh man.... After being yelled at for two hours yesterday by a not so nice resident... and with only having to work a half day today. TGIF For real...

Okay so I hate to say it but I was so excited last night for Jersey Shore Season. All the Guidos and fist pumping ha got to love it. Peronally I love Jwoww She does not take shit from anyone! and snooki is just crazy.....
Angelina: Yeah well you're too tan and you're disgusting.
Snooki: I AM tan and I like being tan BITCH!

So just a few random notes. I have a private youtube that some of you know about but I changed a handfull of the videos over to a public youtube. All Aries.. Labor and every few weeks since he has been born. Check it out. I will be doing weekly Vlogs starting next week.

Also My sister is insanely creative you should watch her videos below are my three fav.

They are all only like 30 seconds super worth watching!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! Wedding Dress Shopping(again) in Five... HECK YES!
Much Amor

Mommy Of A Jamexican

Thursday, July 29, 2010


“IM THE BEST THERE IS … I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING AND I PISS EXCELLENCE” Oh and how could I live without “YEAH I LIKE TO DRINK BUT I ALSO LIKE TO OWN BUISNESSES” So on that random note from the crazy world of my Sisters, who I might at are mexiCANS not mexiCANTS… Here is everything and anything that means everything or nothing to me this Thursday.. YUP YUP it’s the Thursday Five….

Five… Just because you are a debt collector and you deal with rude people all day and that has caused you to become an angry conniving person and just because you hate your job and are unhappy with your life does not mean that you need to walk into my office and be rude and disrespectful to me…someone who is helping you. P.s. don’t lie. P.p.s. Dear world appreciate the kind people and be one yourself. BE a light. Don’t go around trying to put other peoples out! NO BUENO!

Four…Earths best baby food actually taste like real food!
Three… 352 days until I get to marry the most understanding patient man in the world(according to this lil Latina) And only 306 days if we decide to move up the date. How blessed am I that I get to spend the rest my life with my Best friend. Days like today remind me of how lucky I am to have a partner that is so fun relaxed and goofy. Because when I get tense about something he reminds me that its okay to calm down breath and just have a good time! : )

Two… a dating website where you can only be a member if you are a beautiful person has announced that they will be sponsoring a companion egg and sperm bank for its members to sell their eggs & sperm for a fee. A spokes person said at first they hesitated to open the bank to all people(ie ugly people) but that they would be opening it to all people because “everyone -- including ugly people -- would like to bring good-looking children into the world, and we can't be selfish ...."…………. REALLY.????? Well that’s all I have to say about that one!

Mucho amor!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Wedding Wednesday

So our whole wedding is going to be centered around being as creatively us as possible. Here are some of the fun things we have put together so far!
Is it a little early to be thinking of my wedding cake?Found that on wedding bee and I just LOVE it! Perfect for our color scheme.

We also Love the idea of this for a late night snack! All the little cake balls will be green with brown drizzle on them or brown with green Center Pieces Brown Coffee Beans with green candles inside.

We are still having a little issue finding our ceremony site. Chances are we are going to end up moving our wedding to June 4th 2011 and having the ceremony at the Garden. I really want my wedding date July 16th, but I would rather be able to get married at the garden since that is the only place I have ever really imagined getting married! This week I hope to finish up the guest list and book our photographer for the engagment photos so we can get out the save the dates!!! I also found two dresses that I LOVE and cant decide between them : / Maybe I will buy them both and wear one to the ceremony and the other to the reception! : ) How did you figure out which dress was "THE ONE" can two of them be "THE ONE"?

Mucho Amor!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I Just have to say that this short little under caffeinated Loud Mouth Latina Is having the MOST AMAZING THURSDAY MORNING! It started out NOT SO GOOD. I was Sleepy as could be! I mean think eyes drooping Running into walls sleepy.. But then as I was sipping my WEAK morning coffee and reading through blogs I came across the most amazing title that INSTANTLY brightened my day… WAIT FOR IT…..SAY IT SLOW… HAKUNA MATATA… SING IT… It means no worries.. for the rest of your days! See now I know you at the very least cracked a smile! Big thank you to Jagged Little Life. Now that I have smile on my face here is everything and anything that means everything or nothing to me this Thursday…
Five… I seriously need some organizing inspiration. Any fun Organizing tips out there? Four... 359 Days until I get to marry my best friend!!! : )

Three… Dear Cutest blog on the block....Why is my background going to be deleted tomorrow? LAME! Time for a new look any suggestions?

Two… I like Red(Trader Joes) Curry sauce better than Yellow(Traders Joes) Curry sauce... *shrugs shoulders* Im Just saying

One… Oh my growing baby boy! I can not believe he is walking. I really don’t know where the time has gone. I knew time would go fast but I had no idea it would go this fast. He is so much more of a little boy now than a baby boy. He understands everything that is going on around him and has developed quite the personality. I love him so much and just wish I could slow down time a little bit. What a blessing motherhood is! HAKUNA MATATA... Its our Problem-Free Philosphy...Have a Blessed Thursday!

Mommy Of a Jamexican!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Wedding Wednesday

I found the most amazing Reception Venue! A family friend is opening a restaurant downtown and he is going to let us use the entire restaurant for the Reception.. WHAT A BLESSING! So Reception venue and food CHECK Ceremony site not so much of a check…. I seem to be having a hard time finding an outdoor space to have the actual ceremony. Everywhere is either booked or requires you to have your reception at there partner space! Its crazy how fast outdoor spaces get taken. Especially here in Minnesota where an outdoor wedding is only possible a handful of weekends out of the year, but like my amazing love told me “have faith because God will lead us to the right place.” How amazing is he?

This week I got my inspiration board done… super fun : )

What do you think? I am in love with chocolate brown and the shade of green we picked out not only compliments it well (in my opinion) but also is one of the wall colors at Los ComPadres! I am just so excited. I am looking forward to touring some new ceremony site options this weekend, and I am making my second trip to look for dresses! I have discovered I DO want strapless and I DO have to do some hard core arm workouts! Which brings me to another thing I have discovered… Its time to start a serious crack down on my workouts! Any suggestions other than P90x and Insanity(I already do them)?
Love Always,

Mommy Of a Jamexican

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Five

There is a seriously large clock, which by the way is a strange word, in my office staring at me. I mean really it wont stop looking at me. See right isn’t that unusually large? If it had a second hand I might jump out my previously mentioned minuscule… still dirty… office window. The music playing is taking my mind to a pleasant place. Don’t you just LOVE how a good song can always put a smile on your face? PAUSE… COFFEE BREAK… Ahhh Warm Caffeinated goodness! Is it really Thursday? Where and How did this week disappear? Well I suppose its time… Here is everything and anything that means everything or nothing to me this Thursday…

Five… Bill Compton … who are you and what have you done with my favorite vampire Bill Compton.. oh True Blood you make my heart melt.. GO WATCH if you haven’t… I still say the writer of Twilight obviously read the Sookie Stackhouse books and got “influenced” to write a movie. I’m just saying!

Four… Bumble Bees are actually really beautiful!

Three… If my face seems droopy it’s probably because its melting in the humidity! I mean Cheese and Rice the humidity is hotter than the heat.

Two… SUPER bummed The only place I ever imagined getting married booked for the day I wanted it literally moments before I called to book it : (
On a happy note excited to go look at dresses tomorrow with the lovely Jessica P.
What was your favorite part of planning your wedding? How did you NOT stress about it?

One… Aries Aries Aries.. Has A HUGE personality to say the least. He can Pre walk. Take 10-12 un assisted steps at a time sometimes more. He is still pretty wobbly but its cute/scary/ oh shit I am never going to catch him now! Oh the Joys Of Motherhood!

As always Mucho Amor

Mommy Of a Jamexican!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Wedding Wednesday

I am pretty excited to be adding a new post to my weekly schedule. Just one more thing for me to ramble on about! The title I am sure gives it away... WOO HOO I am getting Married. For those of you who don’t know me very well let me give you a little background on Jacques and I...
We have been together for 4 1/2 and known each other for 10.
We met the first day of high school He thought I was mean and I thought he was obnoxious.
We were the furthest thing from high school sweethearts, rather hallway acquaintances.
We went years without seeing each other and randomly the spring after high school we reconnected. It was kind of a wrap after that the first two years together I don’t think we spend more than 24 hours apart.
He is my buddy! He makes me laugh, He drives me crazy, and he always knows how to make me feel better. Best of all he is the most amazing father to Aries that I could possibly dream of which makes me love him that much more!

^randoms from over the years^
For those of you who actually know me you probably know we have been engaged for the past 4 years the time was just never right we had goals we wanted to accomplish and excitingly (not sure if that’s actually a word lol) by next year most if not all of those goals will be completed and the time will be right to get our marriage on! WOOT WOO

Now enough of the boring mushy stuff and on to the fun stuff....


The list goes on and on. geez thought it was a big decision to just pick a date and now I have 50 billion more to make.
Out door or indoor?..
Big wedding or small?..
how many bride maids? four?
what type of dress do I want
what color theme?
what kind of flowers?
what kind of food?
what kind of music?
Dont forget the cake!

Plus there is the invatations

Did I mention the list goes on and on? Thank gosh I have a year and a few days to plan this I don’t know how some of you put it together in months and some even weeks. Honestly If I could really have it my way I would have a small backyard wedding and have a BBQ for my reception haha but I don’t think my family would be so down with that!

I would LOVE to hear your suggestions/ideas/ect....

Looking forward to sharing my journey!
By the way its July 16th, 2011

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Housewife Bootcamp

So it has become painfully Obvious I desperately need to be apart of this boot camp! I set 5 goals last week and am sad to say I did not complete them all! I started to clean Aries room and then became extremely overwhelmed with just how much was in there I am however proud that I got about 1/3 of it done and enough to actually set up his crib(the bumpers are not actually on the crib they just were for the picture).
I was also able to completely clean my kitchen and do ALL the laundry! WOO HOO!
By next Tuesday I hope to complete...
The last one is not really a house chore but I am excited to be doing it.
This Friday a friend, who happens to be the fiance of my loves best friend, and I are going to go try on some dresses and really try to figure out the style we want. Its hard to get an idea just looking on line because you don't know what the dress is going to look like when its actually on you. I cant really decide if I want something more Spanish traditional or something more over the top? or something more simple?... As of right now am kind of leaning more towards something like this...

For those of you who are already married what style dress did you wear?

Mommy Of a Jamexican

Monday, July 12, 2010

How do you Relax?

What A CRAZY weekend! I Missed out on my Freaking Friday Blog and Super Random Sunday BLOG! : (
DO you ever just have one of those weekends where you feel completely revitalized after? I Had the best most relaxing weekend I have had in MONTHS. Friday was just plain fun. Jacques and I had our 5 year High School Reunion.

It was a belligerent amount of fun. For some people both literal and figurative! $10 for all the beer you could drink. To say the very least people took FULL advantage of that! All in All it was nice to see people, not through a facebook picture, and it would be nice to do it more than every 5-10 years.
Jacques and I randomly ended up getting Aries from my parents and staying at a hotel for the night! It was amazing and fantastic to have a night away from home! Aries even slept the WHOLE night!
Saturday and Sunday we just hung out at home together! Its been a long time since we have both had work off for so many days in a row!

I also stumbled across a new caffeinated addiction… GREEN TEA! I used to be ADDICTED to Caribou Coffee’s Green Tea but it had been years since I took a sip. Let me tell you my body instantly relaxed in to a state of calmness after I had that nice warm cup of tea! I was thinking that I want to try some organic tea? Any ideas of some really great organic tea? Also what is your Favorite way to Relax?

AHHH Life is good and I feel blessed to have such a wonderful family! : ) I hope everyone’s weekends were fantastic!

He was so excited for bath time he just couldnt wait for the water! : )

Always, Mommy Of A Jamexican

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Busy Busy Busy!!! My eyes are wide shut? Does that make any sense? Of course Not! My hands are squeezing my cheeks why would anything that this under caffeinated, over worked, loud mouth Latina says make any sense? : ) I can see the sun beaming through my itsy bitsy slightly dirty, ooppss I need to clean that, office window. Are you out there much need vacation? can you hear me… Its Robin. My mini vacation for this weekend got canceled…SING IT…EPIC FAIL! Man I want to go to the zoo! I think I want to get my nails done? Hello random nice to meet you my name is Robin and this is everything and anything that means everything or nothing to me this Thursday…

… BLEEP you True blood BLEEP YOU!!!! I think I am going through withdrawals? Someone hurry check my pulse! Is it Sunday yet??? AHH PLEASE LET IT BE SUNDAY! ALL I know is this episode BETTER be good for make me wait two weeks for it!!!

... Who sprains the same ankle in twice in one day? Oh yeah that’s me baby! Now I get to gimp (there is a free photo editing program called gimp) down the hall ways for showings! SWEET! GO ROBIN GO GO!

… I think I want a new master bedroom layout/set/colors/theme? Ooohhh JACQUES!!!

… When it rains it pours… IM JUST SAYIN!

… My papa bear is 9 months tomorrow! WOOO HOO! He is now up to 3 full steps on his own at a time! I swear I have a 9 month old football player. And finally after 9 long months he is getting in his two bottom teeth I foresee them (AKA PRAYING FOR THEM) coming in completely in the next day Right now one is right under the skin and the other one has half poked through! As my mother would say CALGON TAKE ME AWAY! Normal Aries HAPPY BABY… Teething Aries… NOT SO HAPPY!

I hope everyone had a beautiful blessed week and I wish upon you an even better weekend! This as always has been another week in the life of …DO DOO DO DOOO…

Mommy of a Jamexican!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Awards for me?

Last week when Chelsea gave me the Versatile blogger award I was blown away? Really little old me who only has 22 followers actually got an award? And now I have received 3 more! It really makes me appreciate my readers!(not that I didn't before because I did) So without any more of me rambling here are my new awards...

Two of them came from Kimberly over at Everyday I look forward to reading Kimberly's blog because she is An amazing Mother and Wife and her loving nature shines through in her writing. There is a light you can usually see when your around a good hearted person and somehow even though I have never met Kimberly in person it is obvious her light shines bright!

The rules of the Sugar Doll award are(as changed by stinkerpinker : )
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 5 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 5 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4. Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about the award.

Five things about me...
1) I get nervous crossing big streets. I ALWAYS wait for the walking man to pop up on the street lights

2) I Dont like to backtrack when driving.. it actually drives me nuts I will probably drive 15-20 out of my way just to not drive in a circle

3) I lose my keys almost the second I set them down. Jacques jokes that he is going to make me a beeper for my keys but that I would probably lose the system locater as well!

4) I really don't like change but I LOVE to change my hair color? for about 3 years straight I changed it at least twice a month

5) I have never had a broken bone but I sprain my ankles A LOT!(HAHA i WROTE THIS ABOUT FIVE HOURS BEFORE I SPRAINED THE SAME ANKLE TWICE IN ONE DAY)

Here are the blogs that I am passing this award onto:

The Waiting Game
Life After Yes
Brown Eyed Bride to Be
Waiting for Bumbler

The next award is the Cherry on top Award


Share a favorite Photo
Share 7 things about yourself
Pass the award to 5 other Beautiful Blogs
Let them know you have passed the award along to them

Gosh I have so Many photos I LOVE I know I should only but one put here are two. Me as a goofy young girl and one of my all time fav. Pictures of Aries he was about 4 months

Seven Things about me...

7. I used to be a runner
6. When I paint my nails I always paint each nail a different color.
5. I find caffinated tea to be the most relaxing thing after a long day at work
4. Jacques and I both want 5 kids but will probably only end up with 2 or 3
3. I knew Drake the R&B/Rap Aritist before he did music because I used LOVE Degrassi Next Generation
2. Chelsea Handler CRACKS ME UP... and kind of makes me want to drink vodka!
1. My pinky fingers are crooked and my 2nd toe is bigger than my big toe : ( gee thanks Garcia's

Now the five blogs I would love to hand this award to are...

Smart and Sassy with Sprinkles
A Day In the Life
Savvy Southern Style
Go Team Hale

Also Thank you Beauty in the Breakdown For giving me my second Versitile Bloger award

Thank you agian Really it means a lot to me!

-Mommy Of a Jamexican

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Housewife Bootcamp

I love love That 22 yr old Housewife for this! This is exactly what I needed to feel encouraged to get done my house work. I have still not completely unpacked my new apartment and its been almost a month. *OMG*
This week I will...

1. Set up Aries room... Its basically just a storage right now *ahhhh*

2. Finally hang up ALL of the pictures around the house *we have SOO many*

3. Organize my Kitchen. *and clean*

4. Unpack all the clothes and do ALL the laundry... and hang it up*oh geeezz*

5. Find a paint color for our bedroom. *FUN*

For any one who wants to know here are the "rules"

This is week 1 for Housewife bootcamp. This is how it works. Every Tuesday if you have stuff you need to get done (projects, chores, errands, blog work, basically anything you have been putting off) then grab a button and add your self to my Link List. Then post your 5 things you WILL accomplish this week!

Then: You can mention 5 people from the list on your post to give them encouragement... or just visit them and load up their To-Do List with encouraging comments or tips on how to do it better!!! (everyone loves a good comment) Then every Tuesday we will post what did/didn't get accomplished and list our next 5things!!!

Thanks Lauren!! Check out her site to participate