Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Wedding Wednesday

I am pretty excited to be adding a new post to my weekly schedule. Just one more thing for me to ramble on about! The title I am sure gives it away... WOO HOO I am getting Married. For those of you who don’t know me very well let me give you a little background on Jacques and I...
We have been together for 4 1/2 and known each other for 10.
We met the first day of high school He thought I was mean and I thought he was obnoxious.
We were the furthest thing from high school sweethearts, rather hallway acquaintances.
We went years without seeing each other and randomly the spring after high school we reconnected. It was kind of a wrap after that the first two years together I don’t think we spend more than 24 hours apart.
He is my buddy! He makes me laugh, He drives me crazy, and he always knows how to make me feel better. Best of all he is the most amazing father to Aries that I could possibly dream of which makes me love him that much more!

^randoms from over the years^
For those of you who actually know me you probably know we have been engaged for the past 4 years the time was just never right we had goals we wanted to accomplish and excitingly (not sure if that’s actually a word lol) by next year most if not all of those goals will be completed and the time will be right to get our marriage on! WOOT WOO

Now enough of the boring mushy stuff and on to the fun stuff....


The list goes on and on. geez thought it was a big decision to just pick a date and now I have 50 billion more to make.
Out door or indoor?..
Big wedding or small?..
how many bride maids? four?
what type of dress do I want
what color theme?
what kind of flowers?
what kind of food?
what kind of music?
Dont forget the cake!

Plus there is the invatations

Did I mention the list goes on and on? Thank gosh I have a year and a few days to plan this I don’t know how some of you put it together in months and some even weeks. Honestly If I could really have it my way I would have a small backyard wedding and have a BBQ for my reception haha but I don’t think my family would be so down with that!

I would LOVE to hear your suggestions/ideas/ect....

Looking forward to sharing my journey!
By the way its July 16th, 2011


  1. How fun! I LOVED wedding planning. I even thought about changing my career to it! I made my invites, place settings and programs if you need ideas!

  2. Thanks for the background, it was fun to catch up since I don't know you irl!

    I have no advice to offer, but I can't wait to read all about it along the way!!

  3. That is just too weird that we planned similar posts without even consulting one! Congratulations on your wedding! That is very exciting. I will have to post details of my sister's wedding to give you ideas! She is doing a deep purple theme. You will have fun planning! I loved planning my wedding! ~Kimberly

  4. my wedding was laid back and i LOVED it. We were going to have a bbq at a park for the reception since i didn't want my parents to fork over $25/person x 350 ppl that came for FOOD. But there was a chance of rain so we decided a week before the wedding to switch it to inside my highschool gym.. NOT a beautiful venue, but again i just wanted to be married n didn't care. we had spaghetti is ready in brooklyn park cater in lasagna salad n sweet bread for $7/person! Good Luck! its so much fun!!! now you'll have the best ring bearer ever!

  5. Congratulations to both of you! I know it's been a long time coming, but it's so much fun when the actual event is within your reach!
    I have TONS of resources I can share if you want -- photographers, locations, caterers, etc. My email is if you want send me a note and I'll pass on what I know! :)

  6. Congratulations!

    I planned my wedding in about 6 months. It was small but very nice and perfect for me. Sometimes I wish I would have done a big blowout but that's only after seeing Platinum Weddings on TV. As for advice, do what MAKES YOU and Hubby to be happy. Don't worry about making everyone in both families happy or you will make yourself crazy. Also, pick 3 things that are most important to you, and splurge on those things.