Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crazy week

Should have made more than eight cups! Is it nap time already? Aries is napping behind me on the couch and Jacques to my right. It almost seems rare to have all three of us in the house at the same time. Its been a long work week, Jacques now works full time(while going to school full time) and I have been working almost full time. A definite adjustment from both hardly working part time. We were so fortunate to have spent so much time with Aries for the first six months, but when great opportunity comes along its hard to say no, hopefully it will lead back to me being a full time stay at home mom. Crazy because I have been working since I was 14 had two jobs at 16 was a district manager by 18 while having another part time job. I LOVE TO WORK. I never expected to want to stay at home, but spending the day with my son is the best work I could ask for! Get ready for one of my great transitions… Its going to be a good weekend. I am really looking forward to moving into our new apartment. However I am beyond scared of what Jacques is going to say when he sees the color in the kitchen lets just say… it did NOT turn out to be anything like the color swatch we chose. We of course can always re paint it but it probably wont be as good of quality as the professional painters who are painting it now. What can you do? We will make the best of it. We are pretty good at that! : ) as always thanks for reading my random ramblings!

Love always, Mommy of a Jamexican!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hump Day

I can hear the coffee now, like a rain drop with sizzle at the end, it sounds so intoxicating. I am more than ready for my first cup, drop drop drop sssss, Is it done yet? it’s a rare morning. Jacques is already up and gone, at work. Aries still asleep, although he has a serious case of the wiggles which I can only interpret as his indication that soon… he will be joining me awake and ready for the day. I am alone with the silence and the beautiful day outside my window, truly so rare. I love today. I think I have mentioned it before, hump day, such a great day only one more day between myself and Friday. I have to work on a new video because we are so excited and proud of Aries! Its funny how a baby can do that to you. Make you excited for something as simple as crawling. However with this new found mobility we have realized it is a good thing we are moving this weekend because we have to completely baby proof, something we definitely do not have going on for us right now. ahhh Silence…. My coffee is ready. Now my day can really begin. : ) As always Thanks for reading my random ramblings.

Love Always, Mommy of a Jamexican!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wake Up Call

Nothing like a 5AM wake up call on your one day off… THANKS ARIES! : ) Looks like thecaffeine is going to start flowin early today. Damn, I knew I should have washed that pot out yesterday. ooppps! Now that I am wide awake it appears Aries is starting to wind down, chewing on his soccer ball and drooling on his rockawear jammies seems to be hard work for this six month old. Oh the joys. One paragraph in and it appears I cant spell in the AM. On the plus side I am up for Joyce Meyer! “you are the light of this work all you have to do is flip your switch!”
On another note… I really need to work on my transitions… I think I just proved why I call this random ramblings.. Turns out I am good at it! Oh I make myself laugh!
Recently I have shocked and probably embarrassed my self by having a slight obsession with youtube and twitter, don’t worry you don’t have to laugh! Jacques laughs enough for everyone as does my sister. “Seriously? Twitter? I thought you were like 22 your to old for twitter!” I cant help it (and by the way I am NOT to old!) Youtube is filled with everything from mommy blogs to how to be gangsta, yeah literally there are videos step by step instructions on how to be gangsta…. thank gosh I have Jacques to teach me that very important life lesson! : ) You’ve got to love it, and Twitter oh Twitter.. The name alone gets me! How can you not love every random thing about people you want to and don’t want to know. Any way My pot of coffee is done time to get caffeined! As always thanks for reading my random ramblings!

Love Always,
Mommy of a Jamexican : )

Thursday, April 22, 2010

No Me Gusta Huggies

So today I have a little chip I would like to get off of my shoulder as well as a person to thank. I suppose I will start with that giant salty chip: ) ....
I like many other people received loads of free diapers before Aries was even born. Newborn size all the way to size four. and I don’t know about you but rather free or not i'm not going to waste it. HOWEVER I COULD NOT BE MORE THANKFUL that I finally got through my last free pack of huggies. When he was first born I had a pack and I swear to you every diaper I put on him he would pee right through the diaper. I had to change my outfit as often as I changed his diaper. I dont think I had ever done so much laundry in my life! Now 15 pounds 3 sizes and 5 months later I came upon my last free pack of huggies. They cant be as bad as I remember I thought? Well Let me tell you, THEY CAN. I have changed three times today. Once I was holding Aries to give him a hug and BAM GIANT WET SPOT ON MY SHIRT, Next we were laying down taking a nap PISSSSSSS.. theres nothing better than waking up with pee all over you, and finally just sitting down and he was crawling over my leg. ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!! Dear Huggies, I understand that for many other people's children you work just fine but from day one you have been nothing but a source of allowing my child to pee on me! I SO GLAD TO BE DONE WITH YOU! NO ME GUSTA HUGGIES!...
p.s. your ad lied to me! : /
On a positive note I have to thank Audra, because when Aries was first born she told me to JUST TRY target diapers. At the time I was addicted to pampers because they seemed to be the only diaper that allowed me to be pee free. How in the world could diapers from target be any good? Let alone better than pampers BUT let me tell you they rock! So thank you Audra for saving me $120 a year, and turning me in to an up and up diapers fan! You are the best!
Three days in a row! can you believe it? I have written three days in a row!!! I feel on top of the world or at least the mommy with no time world. I would like to thank Caffeine for being my drug of choice and giving me the energy needed to make it through the day, and baby Einstein for giving me the best jumper I could ask for and wonderful books and dvd’s to help entertain my overly active little boy!
Well it looks like little man is on the move and after the computer LOL... hope everyone has a fantastic earth day Remember SAY NO TO PLATIC AND JUST TRY TARGET DIAPERS! : ) Thanks For Reading, Random Ramblings from the Mommy of a Jamexican… MUCHO AMOR!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Join the Revolution, Be Part of the Solution"

Oh Hump day How I love you so! It’s amazing how knowing Friday is only two days away can brighten your day! : ) As I sit and write this I cant help but stop and giggle every other moment, while Aries bounces away in his jumper letting out random and quite hilarious squeaks and squeals. Oh the joys of motherhood. On a highly unrelated topic I would like to roam into my newest subject of interest Plastic Pollution. I know, completely out of the blue, however after spending countless hours writing someone’s, a person who shall remain nameless : ), six page solutions English paper. I have found that I care very deeply about the devastating issue of plastic pollution. I chose this topic while writing the paper because I remember seeing a random blurb about it on the Ellen show a few years ago. As I got more and more into the paper and had to do much more research than I was anticipating It dawned on me just how serious and truly devastating this issue really is. I wrote in the paper that the idea of truly ending plastic pollution is slightly out of reach for our generation, but there is still so much we can do. Beginning with getting plastic bag pollution under control. Countries such as China and Ireland have banned the use of free plastic bags. The United States should be next, and I think we can start with Minnesota. Please Take two minutes to watch this Video>>> I am sure you can see why I am so Passionate about this topic now. In honor of tomorrow being earth day go out and buy a cloth reusable grocery bag! I can only hope that In the near future we can gather together to petition to ban plastic bags in Minnesota!

Taking Back Tuesdays

Tuesdays, let’s be Honest; have proven to be no friend of mine. Our quarrels date back more than a few years ago, we are looking at more along the lines of a decade. Imagine that a decade of unfriendly Tuesdays. It seems as though Tuesdays enjoy being the barer of bad news. My uncle has cancer. My Dad got injured. My mother is sick. I have to go to the hospital. The list goes on and on. However if there are two life lessons I learned from my parents growing up, that they probably taught me on a Wednesday, they would be that my mother always told me anything I put my mind to I can do, and my father taught me when ever there is a chain holding you back use your common sense and break it. So In honor of taking back my Tuesdays I am going to start a blog, a little behind on the times I know, but after spending what seemed like two years waddling around pregnant, and now a six month old crawling and spitting up on me every two seconds I am lucky to have time to take a shower let alone write a blog. But like I said its time to break the chain and make time for me, forget bad Tuesdays, because anything I put my mind to I can do! So here’s to good Tuesdays, mommy time, and random ramblings from the Mommy of a Jamexican!

Love Always, Mommy of a Jamexican