Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Join the Revolution, Be Part of the Solution"

Oh Hump day How I love you so! It’s amazing how knowing Friday is only two days away can brighten your day! : ) As I sit and write this I cant help but stop and giggle every other moment, while Aries bounces away in his jumper letting out random and quite hilarious squeaks and squeals. Oh the joys of motherhood. On a highly unrelated topic I would like to roam into my newest subject of interest Plastic Pollution. I know, completely out of the blue, however after spending countless hours writing someone’s, a person who shall remain nameless : ), six page solutions English paper. I have found that I care very deeply about the devastating issue of plastic pollution. I chose this topic while writing the paper because I remember seeing a random blurb about it on the Ellen show a few years ago. As I got more and more into the paper and had to do much more research than I was anticipating It dawned on me just how serious and truly devastating this issue really is. I wrote in the paper that the idea of truly ending plastic pollution is slightly out of reach for our generation, but there is still so much we can do. Beginning with getting plastic bag pollution under control. Countries such as China and Ireland have banned the use of free plastic bags. The United States should be next, and I think we can start with Minnesota. Please Take two minutes to watch this Video>>> I am sure you can see why I am so Passionate about this topic now. In honor of tomorrow being earth day go out and buy a cloth reusable grocery bag! I can only hope that In the near future we can gather together to petition to ban plastic bags in Minnesota!

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