Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday Five

Hello Thursday five!!!
Two weeks in a row.. Heck yes!
SOO an amazing twitter friend of mine, yes I tweet don’t laugh, pointed out TODAY is the EVE of Christmas Eve! If you do not celebrate Christmas.. Happy Holidays.. I Hope you have an AMAZING weekend, but please bare with me as I share my overloaded excitement ..

here is everything and anything that means everything or nothing to me this Thursday…

FIVE… I love the Eve of Christmas Eve it’s a very special Holiday to me because it’s the day that we gather at my mothers house and spend the entire afternoon making TAMALES! >enter mouth watering face here<>

Four… As I drink my overly caffeinated coffee and stretch back in my very relaxing work chair I am trying not to jump with joy, because I just noticed the quickly ticking clock to my left. ONE HOUR until my holiday weekend begins HOW exciting!

Three… Any one else feel like little nutcracker men are kind of creepy??? I’m just saying!

Two… So I am not sure if any of you all watch youtube videos, haha, but if you do I really want you to check out these two lovely ladies.

Both of these ladies(and families) are so sweet and the stories wonderful!

And my Talented little sister...

One… Of course we all know what’s coming! Mr. Aries Oh man where to begin. Since he was 9 months old he has been sleeping 100% through the night not waking up a single time from 8PM to 8:30AM. Except for the two weeks he was teething and got 8 teeth in. During that time he would not eat he would not take names and he woke up about 3-5 times a night. Needless to say when the teeth finally cut we were thrilled. Now it has begun again he is currently in the process of cutting 4 molars. He woke up 4 times last night and woke up for the day at 6:30. It’s very hard I feel horrible because there is really not much I can do for my little man! On a good note He now can tell you where his belly button, eyes, mouth, nose, ears, checks, and feet are! Oh and his hair!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

So apparently there are four days until Christmas. I must have been locked in my overly lit office for too long, because I could have sworn it was only October? Maybe the 20 Plus inches of snow I keep falling into has caused my brain to freeze.
So let me just say I am literally petrified of going shopping for gifts.. I swear next year I am starting in May. Trying to get to the grocery store, which is seriously two blocks away, takes 30 minutes! I can't even imagine what Costco and Target are going to be like. Holidays and Minnesotans are not a good mixture then sprinkle a little snow on top and you get one of two things... R...ea...lllll....y....s.....lllooooooooooo.w. Drivers or Over the top CRAZY DRIVERS!! It's very rare you find something in between! Its a good thing I can get pretty much everywhere by taking the back roads, but all the back roads in the world can't seem to protect me from
THE PARKING LOTS! Perhaps there should be a "How to drive in parking lots during the Holiday Season in the winter time 101" However I do see an issue with the title of the class taking up to much space in the mostly frozen Minnesotan brains!

Oh how perfect the little white flakes of doom just started falling!

Despite my frustration for the holiday drivers I actually really LOVE this time of year. Something about giving to others really does lift my spirit! Not to mention the cold is a great excuse to sip down some extra cups of coffee... Oh and if you ask me, the poinsettias sitting on my desk look spectacular! :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Five.. ITS BACK!

Myself and my oversized, very adorable, forehead have been wrapped up in an under caffeinated world of New real estate projects, 17' snow storms, and a quickly growing toddler. My Thursdays have slipped out of my hands jumped off the balcony and landed in a giant pile of snow. Today however the coffee pot was calling my name, and as I sat here in my overly holiday decorated office sipping my 50th 5th cup of coffee I decided its time to take a break. Put the piles of paper work aside, ignore the blinding mounds of snow outside my window, take a deep breath... and Play. So ... here it is... Everything and anything that means everything or nothing to me this Thursday. Its my Thursday Five...

Five... Recently life has sent me some curve balls, and for once they really knocked me on the ground. ME... On the ground.. You know the one who figures out every possible scenario and outcome far before anyone else even considers one single option.. yeah me... I had no idea what to do.... For once in my life I was stuck, confused, baffled, but as it turns out being knocked on the ground was a good good thing. Why? It was an amazing reminder that sometimes you just have to slow down take a deep breath, let go and Let God. Where ever or whatever your faith may be Its a great thing! I was on facebook this morning and someone’s status really stuck out to me... something along the lines of our life being like photography because it develops from the negatives.. cheesy.. maybe? But i see a great truth in that! :)

Four... So for anyone who even slightly knows me they know that Jacques and I are COMPLETE Lushes for TV shows. Smallville, Nurse Jackie, True Blood, Six feet Under, Teen Mom(yes, although he will never admit it My love does watch it with me), pretty much you name it we watch it. Recently though we have come across 2 new shows that previously we had not watched. The first being Supernatural. We enjoyed it so much we downloaded 6 seasons all with 22 episodes and spend the better part of 2 weeks watching ALL OF THEM! and even more recently The Walking Dead. I forget what channel its on but can you say AMAZING. Its like resident evil gone TV show. Why are TV shows so addicting for us? I have not idea... best jab at it... I would just have to say NERDS!

Three... Growing up my parents were Never the grocery list type of people. I mean for gosh sake what’s the point my mom has never followed a single recipe her entire life. Not exactly the directions reading type of woman, ya know? My dad would go to the store, and God bless his heart, Buy exactly what he needed for dinner and a bag full of random things. The next day Repeat. So obviously as a young woman I picked up on these traits. We go to the store and get what’s for dinner and a few random things our eyes, or stomachs, tell us we should.... and repeat. WELL LET ME FILL YOU IN ON A SECRET. Holy cow face making a list saves SOOO MUCH MONEY! Last week I was bored so I put together 10 meals wrote out everything a needed and went to the store... Two weeks worth of food LESS than $160! In my house where I normally have guests $160 for two weeks is amazing! So Dear Mom and Dad Lesson of the decade.. A list at the grocery store is a life savor! I hate to say but I think I may be becoming a list girl... oh my! :)

Two... With New Years just a few Thursdays away.. I hear that question circling around every room I walk in. I am sure you all thought it when you read the words "New Years"... what are your New Years Resolutions? I think.. ill have to get back to ya next Thursday?!

One.. Of course my #1 is obvious as it always it.. My little baby I mean Toddler >insert sad face here<>

Please all you pregnant ladies and new mommies even when your tired or a little stressed out and even though some days are very hard and some days you are so tired you think you might cry.. soak up ever single moment!!! I say that because you will blink your eyes and have a little toddler standing in front of you instead of a baby in your arms! Every stage is a blessing so enjoy! :)

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and good luck with all the holiday shopping!

Mommy Of a Jamexican!