Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

So apparently there are four days until Christmas. I must have been locked in my overly lit office for too long, because I could have sworn it was only October? Maybe the 20 Plus inches of snow I keep falling into has caused my brain to freeze.
So let me just say I am literally petrified of going shopping for gifts.. I swear next year I am starting in May. Trying to get to the grocery store, which is seriously two blocks away, takes 30 minutes! I can't even imagine what Costco and Target are going to be like. Holidays and Minnesotans are not a good mixture then sprinkle a little snow on top and you get one of two things... R...ea...lllll....y....s.....lllooooooooooo.w. Drivers or Over the top CRAZY DRIVERS!! It's very rare you find something in between! Its a good thing I can get pretty much everywhere by taking the back roads, but all the back roads in the world can't seem to protect me from
THE PARKING LOTS! Perhaps there should be a "How to drive in parking lots during the Holiday Season in the winter time 101" However I do see an issue with the title of the class taking up to much space in the mostly frozen Minnesotan brains!

Oh how perfect the little white flakes of doom just started falling!

Despite my frustration for the holiday drivers I actually really LOVE this time of year. Something about giving to others really does lift my spirit! Not to mention the cold is a great excuse to sip down some extra cups of coffee... Oh and if you ask me, the poinsettias sitting on my desk look spectacular! :)

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