Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crazy week

Should have made more than eight cups! Is it nap time already? Aries is napping behind me on the couch and Jacques to my right. It almost seems rare to have all three of us in the house at the same time. Its been a long work week, Jacques now works full time(while going to school full time) and I have been working almost full time. A definite adjustment from both hardly working part time. We were so fortunate to have spent so much time with Aries for the first six months, but when great opportunity comes along its hard to say no, hopefully it will lead back to me being a full time stay at home mom. Crazy because I have been working since I was 14 had two jobs at 16 was a district manager by 18 while having another part time job. I LOVE TO WORK. I never expected to want to stay at home, but spending the day with my son is the best work I could ask for! Get ready for one of my great transitions… Its going to be a good weekend. I am really looking forward to moving into our new apartment. However I am beyond scared of what Jacques is going to say when he sees the color in the kitchen lets just say… it did NOT turn out to be anything like the color swatch we chose. We of course can always re paint it but it probably wont be as good of quality as the professional painters who are painting it now. What can you do? We will make the best of it. We are pretty good at that! : ) as always thanks for reading my random ramblings!

Love always, Mommy of a Jamexican!

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