Thursday, April 22, 2010

No Me Gusta Huggies

So today I have a little chip I would like to get off of my shoulder as well as a person to thank. I suppose I will start with that giant salty chip: ) ....
I like many other people received loads of free diapers before Aries was even born. Newborn size all the way to size four. and I don’t know about you but rather free or not i'm not going to waste it. HOWEVER I COULD NOT BE MORE THANKFUL that I finally got through my last free pack of huggies. When he was first born I had a pack and I swear to you every diaper I put on him he would pee right through the diaper. I had to change my outfit as often as I changed his diaper. I dont think I had ever done so much laundry in my life! Now 15 pounds 3 sizes and 5 months later I came upon my last free pack of huggies. They cant be as bad as I remember I thought? Well Let me tell you, THEY CAN. I have changed three times today. Once I was holding Aries to give him a hug and BAM GIANT WET SPOT ON MY SHIRT, Next we were laying down taking a nap PISSSSSSS.. theres nothing better than waking up with pee all over you, and finally just sitting down and he was crawling over my leg. ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!! Dear Huggies, I understand that for many other people's children you work just fine but from day one you have been nothing but a source of allowing my child to pee on me! I SO GLAD TO BE DONE WITH YOU! NO ME GUSTA HUGGIES!...
p.s. your ad lied to me! : /
On a positive note I have to thank Audra, because when Aries was first born she told me to JUST TRY target diapers. At the time I was addicted to pampers because they seemed to be the only diaper that allowed me to be pee free. How in the world could diapers from target be any good? Let alone better than pampers BUT let me tell you they rock! So thank you Audra for saving me $120 a year, and turning me in to an up and up diapers fan! You are the best!
Three days in a row! can you believe it? I have written three days in a row!!! I feel on top of the world or at least the mommy with no time world. I would like to thank Caffeine for being my drug of choice and giving me the energy needed to make it through the day, and baby Einstein for giving me the best jumper I could ask for and wonderful books and dvd’s to help entertain my overly active little boy!
Well it looks like little man is on the move and after the computer LOL... hope everyone has a fantastic earth day Remember SAY NO TO PLATIC AND JUST TRY TARGET DIAPERS! : ) Thanks For Reading, Random Ramblings from the Mommy of a Jamexican… MUCHO AMOR!

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  1. happy i could help! This is the first time I've ever seen your blog, and I was so surprised to see my name in it. We love Up & Up. Down with Huggies and high prices! :)