Friday, April 23, 2010

Wake Up Call

Nothing like a 5AM wake up call on your one day off… THANKS ARIES! : ) Looks like thecaffeine is going to start flowin early today. Damn, I knew I should have washed that pot out yesterday. ooppps! Now that I am wide awake it appears Aries is starting to wind down, chewing on his soccer ball and drooling on his rockawear jammies seems to be hard work for this six month old. Oh the joys. One paragraph in and it appears I cant spell in the AM. On the plus side I am up for Joyce Meyer! “you are the light of this work all you have to do is flip your switch!”
On another note… I really need to work on my transitions… I think I just proved why I call this random ramblings.. Turns out I am good at it! Oh I make myself laugh!
Recently I have shocked and probably embarrassed my self by having a slight obsession with youtube and twitter, don’t worry you don’t have to laugh! Jacques laughs enough for everyone as does my sister. “Seriously? Twitter? I thought you were like 22 your to old for twitter!” I cant help it (and by the way I am NOT to old!) Youtube is filled with everything from mommy blogs to how to be gangsta, yeah literally there are videos step by step instructions on how to be gangsta…. thank gosh I have Jacques to teach me that very important life lesson! : ) You’ve got to love it, and Twitter oh Twitter.. The name alone gets me! How can you not love every random thing about people you want to and don’t want to know. Any way My pot of coffee is done time to get caffeined! As always thanks for reading my random ramblings!

Love Always,
Mommy of a Jamexican : )


  1. You are so NOT old for twitter!! I tweet and I love it, so don't let them pick on you! :) You actually made me like youtube's Lora & Layton after tweeting about them! LOL :)

  2. oh my gosh i love them! such a cute little family and they have another one coming! they really are so cute!