Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hump Day

I can hear the coffee now, like a rain drop with sizzle at the end, it sounds so intoxicating. I am more than ready for my first cup, drop drop drop sssss, Is it done yet? it’s a rare morning. Jacques is already up and gone, at work. Aries still asleep, although he has a serious case of the wiggles which I can only interpret as his indication that soon… he will be joining me awake and ready for the day. I am alone with the silence and the beautiful day outside my window, truly so rare. I love today. I think I have mentioned it before, hump day, such a great day only one more day between myself and Friday. I have to work on a new video because we are so excited and proud of Aries! Its funny how a baby can do that to you. Make you excited for something as simple as crawling. However with this new found mobility we have realized it is a good thing we are moving this weekend because we have to completely baby proof, something we definitely do not have going on for us right now. ahhh Silence…. My coffee is ready. Now my day can really begin. : ) As always Thanks for reading my random ramblings.

Love Always, Mommy of a Jamexican!

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