Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Awards for me?

Last week when Chelsea gave me the Versatile blogger award I was blown away? Really little old me who only has 22 followers actually got an award? And now I have received 3 more! It really makes me appreciate my readers!(not that I didn't before because I did) So without any more of me rambling here are my new awards...

Two of them came from Kimberly over at Everyday I look forward to reading Kimberly's blog because she is An amazing Mother and Wife and her loving nature shines through in her writing. There is a light you can usually see when your around a good hearted person and somehow even though I have never met Kimberly in person it is obvious her light shines bright!

The rules of the Sugar Doll award are(as changed by stinkerpinker : )
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 5 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 5 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4. Contact the bloggers you’ve picked and let them know about the award.

Five things about me...
1) I get nervous crossing big streets. I ALWAYS wait for the walking man to pop up on the street lights

2) I Dont like to backtrack when driving.. it actually drives me nuts I will probably drive 15-20 out of my way just to not drive in a circle

3) I lose my keys almost the second I set them down. Jacques jokes that he is going to make me a beeper for my keys but that I would probably lose the system locater as well!

4) I really don't like change but I LOVE to change my hair color? for about 3 years straight I changed it at least twice a month

5) I have never had a broken bone but I sprain my ankles A LOT!(HAHA i WROTE THIS ABOUT FIVE HOURS BEFORE I SPRAINED THE SAME ANKLE TWICE IN ONE DAY)

Here are the blogs that I am passing this award onto:

The Waiting Game
Life After Yes
Brown Eyed Bride to Be
Waiting for Bumbler

The next award is the Cherry on top Award


Share a favorite Photo
Share 7 things about yourself
Pass the award to 5 other Beautiful Blogs
Let them know you have passed the award along to them

Gosh I have so Many photos I LOVE I know I should only but one put here are two. Me as a goofy young girl and one of my all time fav. Pictures of Aries he was about 4 months

Seven Things about me...

7. I used to be a runner
6. When I paint my nails I always paint each nail a different color.
5. I find caffinated tea to be the most relaxing thing after a long day at work
4. Jacques and I both want 5 kids but will probably only end up with 2 or 3
3. I knew Drake the R&B/Rap Aritist before he did music because I used LOVE Degrassi Next Generation
2. Chelsea Handler CRACKS ME UP... and kind of makes me want to drink vodka!
1. My pinky fingers are crooked and my 2nd toe is bigger than my big toe : ( gee thanks Garcia's

Now the five blogs I would love to hand this award to are...

Smart and Sassy with Sprinkles
A Day In the Life
Savvy Southern Style
Go Team Hale

Also Thank you Beauty in the Breakdown For giving me my second Versitile Bloger award

Thank you agian Really it means a lot to me!

-Mommy Of a Jamexican


  1. Thank you so much of thinking of me for that award. I hate to tell you this, but my blog is award and tag free. Just too hard to pass these darn awards on to others.

  2. I am beyond okay with that!! I still love your blog and think it deserves the award regardless of if you post it or not! :)

  3. YOu are so good with the awards. I will mention yours on my blog.. I am so bad with that. I love your blog!

  4. You are so sweet! Thanks for your kind words! I've been so behind in life I haven't been able to check in on your blog for a few days! Yay for the weekend! ~Kimberly