Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Wedding Wednesday

So our whole wedding is going to be centered around being as creatively us as possible. Here are some of the fun things we have put together so far!
Is it a little early to be thinking of my wedding cake?Found that on wedding bee and I just LOVE it! Perfect for our color scheme.

We also Love the idea of this for a late night snack! All the little cake balls will be green with brown drizzle on them or brown with green Center Pieces Brown Coffee Beans with green candles inside.

We are still having a little issue finding our ceremony site. Chances are we are going to end up moving our wedding to June 4th 2011 and having the ceremony at the Garden. I really want my wedding date July 16th, but I would rather be able to get married at the garden since that is the only place I have ever really imagined getting married! This week I hope to finish up the guest list and book our photographer for the engagment photos so we can get out the save the dates!!! I also found two dresses that I LOVE and cant decide between them : / Maybe I will buy them both and wear one to the ceremony and the other to the reception! : ) How did you figure out which dress was "THE ONE" can two of them be "THE ONE"?

Mucho Amor!


  1. I saw my dress in a magazine and knew it was "the one." I ordered it on Ebay without ever trying it on (or any other wedding dresses, for that matter!).
    I think you just know when it's the right dress! And if there are two, go for the cheaper one...??? :)

    P.S. Ebay or online stores is a great way to save hundreds on your wedding gown -- same exact gown, brand new, no middleman up-charge that you get from buying it from a store. I only paid about half of retail price for mine, and saved my friend $600 on hers by finding it online.

  2. I will have to check that out! We got our sectional couch on ebay BRAND NEW for $499 the same one in the store was $1300

  3. Hi! I absolutely LOVE your colors chocolate brown and green! I wanted Chocolate dresses for my October wedding...but my sisters gave me a hard time and I let them pick the colors. I think it looks classy. I don't think there is such a thing as "the one" dress. I bought the 3rd dress I tried on but I would have bought the first and the second...i just loved wearing a wedding So excited for you!!! ~Kimberly

  4. The colors are gorgeous! And I totally love the coffee beans in the hurricane. My sister got married last October and did that and the scent of the coffee truly added to the whole "fall" wedding vibe. And it was really neat looking! Love that cake by the way! :)

  5. I saw my dress in a magazine and something just said it was the one. And yes, I believe you can have two dresses be the one and do just like you said, one for the ceremony and one for the reception.

    Also, like the coffee bean idea but you could also mix it up and find a green bean with a brown candle!

  6. New reader here- just wanted to say I love the 'My Wedding Wednesday' posts. Enjoy every minute of it!