Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Five

There is a seriously large clock, which by the way is a strange word, in my office staring at me. I mean really it wont stop looking at me. See right isn’t that unusually large? If it had a second hand I might jump out my previously mentioned minuscule… still dirty… office window. The music playing is taking my mind to a pleasant place. Don’t you just LOVE how a good song can always put a smile on your face? PAUSE… COFFEE BREAK… Ahhh Warm Caffeinated goodness! Is it really Thursday? Where and How did this week disappear? Well I suppose its time… Here is everything and anything that means everything or nothing to me this Thursday…

Five… Bill Compton … who are you and what have you done with my favorite vampire Bill Compton.. oh True Blood you make my heart melt.. GO WATCH if you haven’t… I still say the writer of Twilight obviously read the Sookie Stackhouse books and got “influenced” to write a movie. I’m just saying!

Four… Bumble Bees are actually really beautiful!

Three… If my face seems droopy it’s probably because its melting in the humidity! I mean Cheese and Rice the humidity is hotter than the heat.

Two… SUPER bummed The only place I ever imagined getting married booked for the day I wanted it literally moments before I called to book it : (
On a happy note excited to go look at dresses tomorrow with the lovely Jessica P.
What was your favorite part of planning your wedding? How did you NOT stress about it?

One… Aries Aries Aries.. Has A HUGE personality to say the least. He can Pre walk. Take 10-12 un assisted steps at a time sometimes more. He is still pretty wobbly but its cute/scary/ oh shit I am never going to catch him now! Oh the Joys Of Motherhood!

As always Mucho Amor

Mommy Of a Jamexican!

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  1. Did you tell them to call you in case the other couple cancels??? You never know!

    Yes, once they get moving, you will never catch them!!!