Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Madness

The breeze feel so calming, Its so intoxicating I almost forget I am sitting INSIDE at work. It's 1030 and its time for an early lunch. I already feel like I have put in an 8 hour day. Its going to be a crazy week here at Shelard Village. I have to prepare my whole building for 60+ Managers tomorrow for a Kleinman Realty Manager Training session. In all honestly I am honored they are using my building the extra work is worth it to show off Shelard Village. This may not be a 2010 built building but I am proud of how far it has come.
On another note... This weekend was a beautiful one. The Fall colors bursting around us and mild weather Was exactly the relaxing enviornment I think we all needed. Saturday we took Aries to his first Pumpkin Patch(watch the video) and it was a blast... He Ran as fast as his little feet would allow and it was the sweetest thing ever.
I still can not believe there are just 6 days until he is a year old... Every time I start to write about it i get tears in my eyes. I was trying to put together a video from his first year and I had to stop... How did this year Go by so fast? I remember the first time he smiled, and laughed, the first time he sat, and stood..... days old turned into weeks and now hes going to be a year.... oh man! : )

Well Its Monday and although the Sun and Cool Breeze are telling me its time to go out side... Reality is telling me its time to get back to work!

I hope everyone has a beautiful and blessed Day!

Mommy Of a Jamexican

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