Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 5

Write a blog to someone who made your heart come alive!

Dear Jacques Derrae (simmons) Blake,

Where to start?
you came into my life at a young age!
we drifted
we were drawn back to each other after what some might consider a tramatic time in each of our lives...
let me tell you...
as much as some days you drive me crazy! : )
I can not thank God enough for putting you in my life.
You made me believe that I am good enough.
You made me believe that Love conquers all.
You made me believe that I am worth it.
You made me believe that LOVE is worth it.
last but
certainly not least...
You showed me what true love is..
you showed me what unconditional love is...
You gave me a baby..
and together we created life...
we continue to grow...
we continue...
YOU made my heart grow!
you are who God put in my life to complete me... so that my heart could truly come alive!

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