Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Five... Big DEBATE

So I guess it’s my Friday Five this week, thats a first, and I am participating in That 22 year Old Housewife's Friendship Friday! : )
My heads are in the clouds so to keep it simple here is everything and anything that means everything or nothing to me this Thursday Friday.

Five.. Completely skipped out on My Wedding Wednesday this week because like I said my heads are in the clouds…I have accomplished little to nothing. I went dress shopping to break the tie between the two dresses I was in love with and ended up finding two other dress that I love more… : / Can we say EPIC FAIL! I do however have A LOT of fun stuff to talk about next week! : )

Four… I think the TV is eating my soul… Or at least taking up my time… It must just be that time of year or something but man Real World, True Blood, Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, Bad Girls Club… Oh Geez. First Teen Mom I feel really bad for Farrah She comes off like a spoiled brat but it has got to be so hard to have parents who made you put a restraining order on your child’s father and then having him die before he could ever meet his daughter. VERY SAD! Also Amber is crazy! Second Bad Girls Club..

Biotches are crazy!

Three.. This week I came across some interesting debates... One was on weddingbuzz a girl asked if it was okay if she had a cash bar at her wedding and people FLIPPED I mean they got into a huge argument over cash bar or open bar... Then over on youtube there was a girl who posted a video about the benefits of breastfeeding(because it is/was national Breastfeeding week) and that also started a big argument over breastfeeding vs formula feeding. In my opinion(KEY WORD) cash bar/open bar should be up to the bride and groom. I don’t think it matters either way because anyone who truly is there to celebrate your love wont care if you have a cash bar, open bar, or no bar at all. And as far as the breastfeeding/formula feeding goes. I PERSONALY(KEY WORD) prefer to breastfeed(since 4 months I have also FF as well) but I DO NOT think that BF or FF means your a better mom. We all have a common goal and that is to be the best moms we can be and as women we should support each other no matter what! ... what is your opinion on these topics?

Two...Getting really nervous for my 16 credits that are all online and start in two ½ weeks. I do however strongly believe that anything I put my mind to I CAN DO! Go MexiCANS!


As always love yall have a blessed weekend

Love always,
Mommy Of a Jamexican!


  1. As a Tejana who "hearts" Jamaica, I love the way you characterize your family's heritage. And, sadly, I'm stuck in TV Land myself...although it's "Roseanne" reruns for moi. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

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  2. Hi there! I am now following and looking forward to your new posts!

  3. the breast feeding topic... lol... I had NO idea it was such a controversy until I had Jayden! Everyone does just want to be a good mom and really sometimes what works for one doesn't for another! I give props to ppl that exclusively BF after 4 months and work FT (its nearly impossible) but I also give props to moms who BF then FF cuz, its a HARD decision to chose what your going to feed your lil one with. Cash bar... I think its up to the bride/groom... YOU DON"T HAVE TO DRINK IF YOU DONT WANT TO PAY FOR IT! Weddings aren't about getting as much free drinks and food you want! I don't drink so if i go to a wedding with a cash bar I could careless... people need to realize we are selfish and get over it!

  4. I feel the same way "jaydens mom" : )Thank ya'll for the subs and comments! :)