Saturday, August 14, 2010

My "blankday" Five

Well who has been the worst blogger in the world the past two weeks? Oh yup thats me. I have been so crazy at work.. especially this week... I swear I have lost 5 pounds this week with all the running around I have been doing. I was looking forward to the weekend but... well without further ado here is everything and anything that means everything or nothing to me this ... blankday...
Five... I do everything in my power to be the most positive person I can be because I have a strong conviction that no matter what is going on in your life you have something to be thankful for because no matter what is going on in your life someone has a lot harder life... This week for the first time in a long time I had a hard time staying positive. I am however still thankful for my blessings and know that if I keep my thoughts in the right place all will be well.
Four... Wedding...Date officially changed from 7/16/11 to 6/4/11 294 days left to go! ..Three... Working and living in the same place takes its toll on a person... paying for gas and driving in traffic is no bueno.... dont take for granted that time.
Two... After a hard week of working out... I am feeling strong for the first time in a long time and i must say it feels really good!

One... I Nursed Aries for the last time yesterday... It all happen so fast... I am still not sure how I feel about it...Sometime two weeks ago he just stopped being interested in nursing. Easily distracted constantly ripping away to look around then he started like almost fighting with me like he did not want to nurse at all and obviously with the serious lack of nursing my supply quickly diminished. I thought babies did not self wean until they were over a year? I feel blessed I was able to nurse as long as I have but its still strange like Now I am just his mom he doesnt rely on me for survival.. I mean I know he does but its strange. "exit" "baba" "mama" "dada" "numnum" All the words he says as he walks around the house. plays patty cake. Runs from you when you come after him.. My baby is no more... with less than two months until he is a year... It apears my papa bear is turning into a big boy... a toddler. He points at little babies and says bahbay... he is so grown.
Thanking God for everyday

-Mommy Of a Jamexican


  1. I love the name Aries! Everyone in my family is a CANCER.. but its not something I would name my son after ...

  2. Thank you! I have wanted to use the name Aries for my son since I was very young. Its different and It(although most people think it was greek first) Originates from the Latin Culture(I am latina)... oddly enough my fiance is an "aries"

  3. way to stay positive! Thats EXACTLY what Jayden did at 4 months... its hard feeling like you are "necessary"... us moms just gotta remember NO MATTER WHERE THE FOOD COMES FROM, they still need us! HE IS SOOO CUTE!

  4. It is hard to stay positive, you go for doing it girl!

    I am trying to get mine to stop weaning and it is rather bittersweet but my tatas are tired! We've been at it for 18 months. And I am expecting, don't tell anyone, we haven't spilled the beans to anyone yet!

    Look at that chulo! Good job, mommy!

  5. oh thank you so much!!! HOW EXCITING!!!! : )