Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Five

Another Long week for me… The slackerness of my blogging is getting ridiculously out of control. I suppose that is just what happens after a long week of work and life. Lucky for me by the grace of God I am swimming up to Friday with my head above the water… So to end my rambling…(only to continue more : ) here is everything and anything that means everything or nothing to me this Friday.

Five… The Past few months of my life have been pure bliss with little to no negative distraction. I feel like sometimes When your on a trip of pure positivity you can forget what it feels like to get knocked on your butt. It took caught me off guard for sure. The saying when it rains it pours seems to prove itself true. Although Like I said last week I have the faith in my heart, mind, and soul I know with a smile on my face and positive thoughts in my mind Positivity will prevail.

Four… Females... stop being overdramatic... stop judging before you know people... stop searching for drama... stop creeping other womens men... stop being crazy.... as women we should support eachother and not a single action less than that! The older I get the more I understand why when I was younger I always surrounded my self with male friends.

Three… Why can I not stop Watching Jersey Shore?

Two…. 274 days.

One… My poor baby had a fever of 103 for 3 days… For no reason other than he was teething. Its hard to watch your little man cry and not really be able to help him : *( On a good note his top two teeth finally cut through. I can not believe there is only 50 days until he is a year old. : )

Have a beautifuly blessed weekend...

Mommy Of a Jamexican!


  1. #5 Keep it going girl!
    #4 AGREED! I am the same way.. I love my girlfriends.. but I swear I am the only sane one! I would rather kick it with guys.. they require way less maitenance on my part :)
    #3 I may need to start watching this.. everyone talks about it!
    #4 YAY!!
    #5 No Good.. it is the worst feeling to not be able to make your child feel better...

    CHEER UP.. you are doing just fine!

  2. I Can't stop watching jersey shore either. they make me laugh so hard... last season i liked ronnie n sammi... but now they are getting old

  3. You are a busy mommy, so don't stress about keeping up with the blogging. I did and then it felt more like work instead of a place I could relax and get my feelings, etc. out.

    Are you going to have a big ole 1st birthday party?