Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hello Bloggity! Busy working mommy has had no time to update the blog or post videos for that matter. So in honor of the lack of hours in a day and days in a week I will be starting a top five probably posted Thursday or Saturday…. what’s funny is my brain was thinking Friday but my fingers decided Saturday was what should come out… someone obviously has not had there morning coffee! Top five will be Sarah Dessen style as most exciting things in my life are modeled after! Those of you, which I assume are most, who don’t know what top five Sarah Dessen style are let me explain. Random top five things that are of any or no importance to me this day/week.

Five…. Hello Lost is over after six seasons of ridiculousness it has truly come to an end. Now from my understanding there are many people who were very upset about the ending.. REALLY? I loved it I thorough it was amazing and stuck to the trueness that lost is. Not everything is supposed to have a definite answer!

Four…. After having my love home with me so often when he was only going to school and now having him switch to working full time is so different. He is truly and amazing person he makes me laugh… and he makes me laugh harder. He is loud and annoying and goofy and reminds me of every reason why its okay to stop being serious every once in awhile, and just be young. So needless to say having him around less .. well I guess you could say the second he walks in the door at night my face lights up!

Three…. I TURNED 23! Its kind of bitter sweet although I know it is not in the slightest bit old it still kind of makes me feel old. NOT OLD like ahh I am getting gray hairs more…. I don’t know I cant explain it. Strange feeling. So far from 18 so far from 21. Like I don’t really have an excuse to act like a child EVER anymore like no more mistakes are allowed. I have to at all times be on top of my game! (Thus the reason for number four) Perhaps I am having my quarter life crisis! …. maybe that means I can go buy a new car!
= )

Two…. I have been watching A LOT of the view lately and I have decided this.. I liked joy before I started watching the show.. now I can not stand her she is rude and narrow minded. Whoppi is a funny. Sometimes I turn on the view just to see what Elisabeth is wearing, and Sherri is a sweetheart who generally has something good to say and I LOVE her faith in God and how she is not afraid to talk about it but also does not beat down what others believe.

ONE…. Aries is in the most ridiculous stage. 7 ½ months old he is crawling all over the place trying his best to stand babbling a million babbles per minute and definitely testing his boundaries! It is beyond fun and he is definitely teaching me more about life than I think I have learned in my 23 years of it. His attempt to get into standing position from crawling position has turned into an elephant crawl that cracks me up. Also when ever he goes into the kitchen he decided he does not like the texture of the tile so he elephant crawls through the kitchen so his knees do not touch the floor lol seriously? Oh and the best most recent goofy act of my child.. his love for the vacuum! He chases the vacuum. He does not run from it or cry when it starts he makes it his mission to chase it. Got to love a growing child’s mind!
Love Always, Mommy of a Jamexican

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  1. I totally know what you mean about turning 23 you feel old but not really old, it's a weird sense of old. Hahah :) Glad I'm not the only one who felt that. Your little Aries is too precious!