Thursday, June 3, 2010

Every Moment

HELLO BLOG!!! What a CRAZY WEEK! I have another crazy one next week as well time to wind down and take a minute to relax! So here you are the five random things that mean everything or nothing to me this week!

FIVE… This one is short and sweet : )…. THERE ARE 10 DAYS UNTIL THE SEASON 3 PREMIER OF TRUE BLOOD! Got to love out of control ridiculous shows!

FOUR…. I have always been a caffeine junkie probably for as long as I can remember. These days however it seems to have been brought to a whole new level. I cant seem to get my morning coffee into my system fast enough. Perhaps this new need for caffeine is my ridiculously out of control daily hours or my frantically busy day? Probably both. I have said it before and I will say it again… Caffeine… Definitely my drug of choice!

THREE… I have never really been one to enjoy change. I get used to something and that’s how I like it to stay. I have a pretty serious track record of Not taking to change kindly, a habit my youngest sister has unfortunately picked up. Part of the reason I don’t like change is because its never just one thing. Its as if one small thing changes it sets of an explosion that causes a huge chain of events that in turn changes everything. Well needless to say that bomb went off and the explosion happen. Its hard to say right now rather or not its good. There are good changes taking place but there are bad things taking place as well. Some positive some negative. I am not quite sure how I feel about it yet. When I know more of the details and the after shock settles down I will have a better grasp on what exactly is going on and how I feel. However I know over all I still am not so fond of this whole change thing.

TWO… GRADUATION! IT IS MY SISTERS GRADUATION! I CAN NOT believe it. I feel like I just graduated and now my little sister will be crossing that stage tonight. I am truly so proud of this girl! She is such an inspiration to me. She always has been and she always will be. She struggled with school her freshman year and as the years went on she completely switched up her life. NOW she is not only graduating but with something like 6 or 7 extra credits. She did post secondary and her school recognized her in the business department and gave her an award for outstanding contribution to the department! Jessica is strong, beautiful, dedicated, determined and a little bit stubborn! : ) She has been a rock for me in so many stages of my life! I am beyond excited to see her cross that stage! She is and always will be MY baby! : ) On the note of my sister graduating this has definitely fuelled into my “quarter life crisis” that I briefly touched on last week. FIVE YEAR that I have been out of high school… I guess it really is time to buy a new car! : )

ONE… No TOUCH! COME HERE! STOP CRAWLING AWAY WHEN I AM CHANGING YOUR DIAPER! Aries is hitting a seriously interesting stage. When I say “no touch” he likes to get a little closer to what ever the object may be reach his hand out to touch it(but not actually touch it) and then look back at me with a smile before quickly crawling off to something else. AND of course he now has a fake cry where he closes his eyes and then opens just one a little to see if I am paying attention!
He crawls faster than I could imagine a baby could and he loves anything and everything that is not one of his toys! He is so adventurous. Not that I expected anything less being he is a combination of Jacques and I! It truly is a blast following him around! He finds things I didn’t even know where there. He makes me laugh with his millions of facial expressions and he has a sound to go with every one of them! He Likes to play with the blinds and try to stick his hands in the heat registers. The door stopper makes him laugh, paper is beyond fascinating, but the computer…. the computer is his favorite with the cell phone coming in a competitive second place! He Is really a blessing and melts my heart everyday. When he waves goodbye or blows kisses. When something makes him laugh and he wont stop cracking up… Oh the joys of motherhood! Every day is a journey… Every moment is a blessing!

Love Always, Mommy Of a Jamexican


  1. oh, very nice blog design and the pictures are wonderful, you have a nice family :)

  2. No touch...yep, that never goes away. My boy will look right at us and shake his head no and still touch it. When we say no, he laughs and does it again and again and again. We have had to put things in the basement. Every time my husband comes home from work he's like "where did XYZ go?"

  3. haha I love it and glad I am not the only one!