Sunday, June 27, 2010

Super Random Sunday

A week or so ago I bought some new shampoo and conditioner, something from Tigi-BedHead, I used it today for the first time…. It was like an orgasm on my head(oh yes I said it). Really though the smell of warm vanilla overwhelmed my senses and the creamy conditioner left my hair feeling ridiculously luxurious ! Nothing makes me smile more than great hair which is usually the product of great shampoo and conditioner. Some women like shoes I LOVE shampoo and condition. This love probably stems from my 5 plus years in the salon industry. So in honor of Super Random Sunday, and while we are on the topic of hair, here are JUST A FEW{=) of my many hair styles and colors over the years!

Whats your favorite hairstyle or product? :) I hope ya'll are having a beautiful blessed weekend.

Love Always,
Mommy Of a Jamexican


  1. I used to like using the TIGI gel that is now discontinued ... (can't remember the name to save my life now) BUT I now buy organic products one line specifically is MixedChicks, it's great for multiracial hair, doesn't contain all those ingredients that you can't pronounce...check it out!
    Nice blog BTW!! Happy SITS!

  2. I am all about organic thanks for tip. Have a happy Sunday

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Seriously could your kids get any cuters?!

  4. Hey thanks for visiting my blog! : )
    Your little family is beautiful!

    & my favorite hair product probably has to be the light mist hairspray from TRESemme and also their Heat protector =D

  5. My favorite product...gosh, I don't think I ever had something for my hair that I absolutely loved. I think it's because my hair is hard to manage. It's curly and thick and a lot of it!

    Now I am trying to find a good organic shampoo that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

  6. hey should be able to follow my blog...there's the google friend connect at the right and at the verrrry top I think its in the grey header you can click Follow...that should work! Happy Monday!!!

  7. I love Bed Head products because they all smell so good and work so well!! But vanilla scented??!!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog...glad we found each other!

  8. I just stumbled across your blog... first off "jamexican" hah love it! You have a beautiful family! Just wanted to say hi =)

  9. Love the 2nd and 3rd pics down best. I did a hair post too. I mostly use pureology right now. Thanks for dropping by my tasty tuesdays!