Friday, June 25, 2010

Freaking Friday

Being the ridiculously indecisive, random, and forgetful person that I am, French Vanilla… NO black… or a Carmel cooler?.....Caffeine…..
Right back to the topic… I have decided to Begin a Freaking Friday. Nothing Extravagant Just One Simple Random Freaking Friday Story. This Freaking Friday comes from my trip to Staples office supply where I Planned on Getting INK for the Printer….. I ended up at ULTA, don’t ask, five minutes in the opposite direction of Staples. After Browsing for Conditioner, as I am out, I walked out the door with Just this….

The colors Go on smooth and Brighten up my eyes and for only $10 Its The Perfect Set of colors for a Brunette Like Me! And that My loves is my Freaking Friday Story! Sweet.Short.Simple.
Some How I made it home without the INK But Managed to stop Right next door at Trader Joes for some JOES O‘S Cereal… !Classic Freaking Friday!
Have you ever ran to the store for one thing and ended up somewhere else for something else? What’s your Freaking Friday Story?

Much Love,
Mommy Of a Jamexican


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Your baby is ridiculously cute!!!! I look forward to following your blog!!!! ~Kimberly :-)

    P.S. I would choose the vanilla cooler! :-)

  2. makeup is the bestest and worth the mishap in direction! thanks for all the comments!! your blog is super cutie! and so is little mr. handsome baby boy!!

  3. Oh...just the picture of the Caribou cooler and I wanted a Northern Lights Cooler! Yikes, that looks good! Just found your blog...thanks for visiting mine! You have a beautiful family!!! I, personally, love the mocha cooler. Mmmmmmm....

    Can you believe I've never been to Ulta????