Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am pretty sure last week I said that it was a crazy week.. I had no idea what I was in store for this week! haha Up and down and all aroudn CRAZY!

Five… So in theory salary is amazing! You know what is less than glamorus… working 68 hours a week and getting paid for 40. Regardless I know when I find an assistant manager it will get better. AND REGARDLESS I KNOW I AM BLESSED FOR HAVING A GOOD PAYING JOB! So needless to say if you think you would be a great leasing agent/ assistant manager and work evenings and 3 Saturdays a month and potentially want an apartment to live in let me know.


Three… As many of you know Jacques and I share pretty much everything… apartment, bank account, baby A and for the past two years a cell phone and everything else! I have not had my own cell phone for two years we have shared one. I am happy to say finally after two long and wonderful years I have my own cell phone! Its not that I need it nor that I cant share one but just that its very nice to have my own to play with all day! I am behind on times so text me away friend or not I love to touch screen my afternoon away.. addicting and ridiculous but oh so fun!

Two… I understand why a lot of working professionals participate in happy our.

ONE… Sick with the stomach flu.. Aries was not a happy camper for about 4 days straight. it was so sad and so hard for me to handle. seeing your baby sick and with huge limitations as to what you can actually do is really very hard. I am happy to say we lasted 8 months without him actually getting sick and I am glad that this one time is over! He is Talking more now than before he was sick and laughing at everything!

Again another wonderful week as …

Mommy of a Jamexican!


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