Sunday, March 6, 2011

HCG Day 3

Oh Sunday! How is your weekend? Hopefully amazing. Today is Day 3 of the HCG Diet and I have to say I am quite pleased. Day 1 & 2 were the Gorging phase. You basically eat as much fatty, healthy, foods as you can! At some point half way through the first day I found it really hard to eat at all I had NO appetite what so ever. I am not sure if it was the HCG or what it was? Very strange. Day two I woke up to a pleasant 2lb loss and once again found that I had NO appetite. This is very strange for me, because although I almost never have an appetite during the day once dinner rolls around I am hungry. I am thinking it is the HCG mixed with the large amounts of tea, but I am really not sure. Today, day 3, is the first day of the strict 500 calories part of the diet I am hoping this feeling of satiation continues. So here are the stats for the day

Today: 0lbs lost
Total weight loss: 2lbs

B: Skin Detox organic green tea

L: 3 eggs(2 white/1whole) seasoned with garlic and topped with homemade salsa(using only allowed ingredients)
4 tomatoes
1/2 apple
Intake: 218

Which leaves 282 for dinner. I not sure yet what exactly we are doing for dinner but I am excited to look up some recipes. I am thinking its going to involve chicken! :) and a salad of some sort.

I am also looking forward to seeing day 4 weight results if there is any! :)


  1. Are you doing the shots or doing the drops from GNC? Do tell! I'm thinking about ding this! I wish you tons of success and nothing but good luck on your weight-loss journey!

  2. Thank you so much! I actually ordered the drops off line from a website my friend ordered hers from! She lost 45lbs doing it so one of our mutual friends and I decided to try it! I will be updating along the way with recipes and what not! thanks for your kind words! If you have any questions let me know! :)

  3. I'm interested to see if you lost weight day 4. I didn't! I was the same. A tad disappointed since I ate perfect yesterday! Your meal looks great! We had ginger beef last night and french onion soup. It was really filling! I've decided feeding Sam the same food I am making is going to be way too expensive so It is going to be hard to not munch on what I am making him. How did you do it? Did you make your men what you are eating?

  4. I am feeding him what I am eating but he is making rice to eat as well. I am also not buying all organic because its just a little more spending that I want. I am buying my fish, chicken, spinach, and salad from costco and then I got most of my other stuff(fruits/seasonings/ect) from whole foods. It does say you don't have to do organic just to try your best. I think the thing that is going to kill me is not being able to eat rice and potatoes I LOVE them both! But I figured I paid for the drops I might as well stick it out!