Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HCG Day Five

What an amazing day five let me tell you! I woke up to an unbelievable 3lb loss. I Remember saying yesterday Man I just want ONE day to lose 3 or 4lbs, and then BOOM there it is the next day! I feel more encouraged now than I have this whole time... AND I have felt encouraged this whole time! I am feeling more and more energetic every day and just over all healthy! I know its because I am losing, but I actually think it has A LOT to do with all the tea I am drinking. I have always been a tea drinker but now I have 6-9 cups a day and I feel it and it feels really good!

I will say I did not do much better with my water consumption today... I had about 4 12oz and I am trying for almost a gallon a day... need to work on that more tomorrow!!

So here are the stats:
Weight loss today: 3lbs(woo hoo)
Total weight loss: 7lbs(wooo freaking whoo!!!!!!)
Average per day: 1.4lbs... how amazing is that?

B: as always was tea I also had a small cup of black coffee

L: was something I have been craving for a few days which was COTTAGE CHEESE!! an apple and handful snap peas! SOO GOOD! Total Calories: 255
Dinner was one of the best that I think I have made since starting this It was Salsa Verde Tilapia on a bed of curried cauliflower and onions!!! It was also one of the most filling! I ate dinner at about 7:45(late I know) and am still so stuffed I feel like I just ate thanksgiving dinner! The total was: 241 cals
Daily Calorie intake: 496

I am feeling great and so excited to see what tomorrow brings! I am also going to try a 30 minute sauna and pilates tomorrow hoping that will help get some toxins out! :)

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