Monday, March 7, 2011

HCG Day 4

so day 4 of HCG diet! Not bad at all! I am still shocked at how full I am staying! I feel like normally I am way more hungry when I am eating way more food. I think the tea is really helping. I do know that I need to focus more on my water intake... I am NOT so good at that! I think there was a point today where I felt my first bit of desire and that was when I made my wonderful fiance a yummy egg and cheese English muffin sandwich! But it quickly faded!

So now for todays stats:

Weight Loss today: 2lbs
Total Weight loss: 4lbs
Average: 1lbs per day

2lb today is great and 1lb a day is fantastic as well but..there is always a but... I dont know why I just want to see like 3lb or 4lb weight loss... at least just one day LOL but I know that is a little out there! Regardless I am happy and feeling blessed for the weight loss I am at!

Calorie intake today 490
L: Salad with Chicken and homemade salsa(with allowed ingredients) and half of a grapefruit
D: Sweet and spicy grapefruit chicken on a bead of spinach with broccoli, snap peas, and onions
I guess to some who have done the HCG diet My dinner was a bit of a cheat because I used 4 veggies instead of 2 but I was still under my calories and I am cooking for my family so I figured it was fine! :)
Hoping day 5 goes as well as today, and really hoping for another 2+ pounds!


  1. well, according to some websites, combining veggies is legal. Cooking for the others is the hardest part!

  2. I agree! It is hard to cook for others but still yourself and keep a decent budget!