Thursday, March 24, 2011

OH Baby!!!

So Lately I have had this horrible fever that I have not been able to kick... My body is screaming out for another baby... Yup That's right I've got baby fever. Some time around Aries 1st birthday I started really wanting another baby. I prayed and prayed and prayed and came to the conclusion that It just was not the right time. I still wanted a baby, but I was at peace that it was not the right time. Then a few weeks ago I really started having those feelings again so I prayed and I prayed and I prayed, and then something intriguing happen... Jacques was offered a job where he was able to make a much larger amount of money compared to what he was making before. Jacques words after work that first day were "lets have a baby right now!" I do have some Concerns about my weight still. I need to lose about 25 more pounds before I will feel comfortable being pregnant. It is important to me to have as healthy of a pregnancy as possible, and being fit is a big part of that. Of course even though I really want another baby I have these Little doubts that I can't shake... like...
Is it really the right time?
How will Aries feel?
How will it feel being the mother of two?
will I have enough love?(silly I know I will)
I wont be able to stay at home full time like I did with Aries for the first 6 months.. am I okay with that?
I think that the last one is the biggest concern... I mean Maybe what I want is for God to provide away for me to just be a part time worker?
I want to be a business woman & a stay at home mom... why can't I have that?
Can I be an amazing wife, a stay, and home mom, and a business woman? How does that work? How can I make that work?
I am not sure.. but...
One thing I AM sure of ..
I want another baby!
Being a mom is the biggest blessing God has ever given me and I really think it might be time to start this journey again!!


  1. I want to hear how you & Jacques met! Is it on your blog somewhere?!

  2. LOL I just posted a blog on it and it ended up SOO long! :)