Wednesday, March 9, 2011

HCG Diet Day 6*food edited*

Day six how crazy right? I can not believe I will have been on this diet for 7 days tomorrow. I am honestly just loving it. Although I did have a moment of weakness last night when I wanted to take a giant bite of my loves wild rice. Today I am updating earlier in the day because I foresee my afternoon being very busy. So here are the stats

Weight Loss Today: .5lbs
Total Weight Loss: 7.5lbs
Average Per Day: 1.25lbs

I was a little bummed out I only hit .5 this morning but 7.5lbs in 6 days is still fantastic.

B: 3 cups of coffee, LOTS OF WATER (I have had 3L so far today)
L: 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, snap peas, and a handful of blueberries(Not sure if blueberries are allowed different sites say different things, but I am sticking to the berries)
D: spicy lemon shrimp with asparagus and a side salad with home made salsa
318 calories for the day.. not intentional but that's what it was
I am taking a sauna today at 6 and am very much so looking forward to it!

I have no pictures of food today but I will leave you with a few old pictures that I am aspiring towards! :) See you tomorrow with hopefully a little better weight loss I would love to come back with a 3.5lbs so I can have lost 10lbs but I know that is doubtful! A girl can dream right?

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