Thursday, March 24, 2011

How we became Jamexican *SORRY ITS LONG*

Picture this it’s the first day of high school, it is a new school with tons of new people, your that nervous/excited that gives you butterflies.

I remember being over whelmed by the size of the school. You see I had come from a relatively small Christian school, and now here I was in a massive building with thousands of kids.
At this point in my life I was a very quite little lady. Not necessarily shy but just quiet.
I walked into my first class of the day, it was math, Sat down and was ready for the day to begin… In walks two guys one very tall one very short they sit directly in front of my and just start talking and laughing the teacher walks in and beings to speak… they continue talking. HOW obnoxious can two people possible be? After the lesson we are allowed to do our assignment and talk.. Short man turns around… Hi I am Jacques you seem really smart so I am just going to copy your homework! Me… …. …(please insert heavy attitude here) Yeah um you can turn around now thanks..

Through out the semester we randomly talked and eventually had a study period together. I remember on days when he was around we would walk the halls and talk about extremely random things. The following year we had a study together again, and I distinctly remember walking the halls with him while he was on crutches.

Later that year he diapered… we were never really friends, rather acquaintances, so it did not phase me much that he was gone… All I knew was the cute short guy I randomly talked to was gone….

Jump to senior year I am at Mc Donald’s with my lady Friends after a football game and in walks this TALL good looking guy. It was Jacques! He recognized me and came and gave me a big hug and told me to add him on myspace, haha remember myspace? I still have pictures from that day.

None with him he gave me hug and left and I think it was that day I truly had a crush!

So it is the end of Senior year and I meet a guy name Thomas and fall in “love” I decide I am going to school in Texas and pack up and move. While I am down there I start talking to Jacques… yup.. on myspace. Turns out he had moved to Florida to go to school. We say that if we are ever in Minnesota we will hang out!

A lot of health issues with me cause me to have to move back to Minnesota… The same week he is having issues in Florida and he has to move back to MN…
My close friend moves into my parents house with me and life couldn’t be better! I was resolving my health issues and in cosmetology school.

It was April 16th My roommate and I are were at the grocery store and my phone rings… Hey I moved back to Minnesota.. do you want to hang out?

Who is this?
It’s Jacques…
I am back in MN and we need to hang out


Well he came to my parents house that night and him, my roommate, and myself hung out, and then we hung out every single day after that...

When I was at work I was on the phone with him the entire time. I talked to him on my drive to get him, and I talked to him all night every night.

After that first day we were together EVERY single day for the first 16 months!

He proposed to me after just two weeks

and we moved in together that June.

Not exactly the “clean” background I grew up in, but as odd as it was my parents were okay with it. They fell in love with him day 1.

Little did we know at first, but our paths had crossed and almost crossed far more times then we knew. This is where I get cheesy with it.

He was born on March 21st at 8PM 1987 at HCMC. I was born on May 21st at 8PM 1987 at HCMC.

Growing up he used to constantly go fishing with his dad at a place called narrows. My dad took me to that same spot growing up. Later after our fathers met they realized they knew each other because they had fished together.. at Narrows!

Through my junior and senior year I hung out with ALL of his friends that he grew up with and had NO idea that they were friends with him.

A one of my lady friends was friends with a guy named Matt and every once in a while I would go with her to his apartment and later found out Jacques actually lived in that apartment but I just always happen to be there when he was not there.

And of course one of the biggest random events… My boyfriend was cheating on me with Jacques girlfriend…. Pretty random huh?

In the past 5 years we have had bumps in the road, and a few mountains!
BUT he is my best friend and my partner and I am thankful for every hardship we have ever had, because we have a bond that no one could ever break.


  1. You guys are too cute! Isn't it fun to look back and see how far you have come together in life? I know there will be lots more beautiful things in store for you two :)

  2. Aww yay I'm so glad you shared! I love that your story goes way back to school =) You two (three) look so happy together in photos